Today Has to be Happy

I’m trying to curate this a little bit, and I want to go back to using my super happy emoticon to describe this one.

What is making me super happy lately?

1 – There’s the fact that I’m as healthy, happy, and unscathed as I currently am. There’s been a lot of upheaval going on all around me, and I feel like I’m shrugging off a lot of it just like a duck. This isn’t meaning to vague-blog – I’m talking about needing to move offices suddenly; about the car getting hit; about various issues at my parents’ rental house that have had me back and forth putting out metaphorical fires; and all the other things that you wake up to when you’ve been embedded in a project for a month without looking up.

2 – There’s the clean-ness of the rooms that I’ve cleaned. Contrasted with the dirtiness of these same rooms before they were cleaned, and it’s amazing. I’m loving to sit in the kitchen right at the moment, as I gather courage to tackle my room.

3- I’m rediscovering how many friends that I have. I very reluctantly went to Ottawa Comiccon this year, but ended up reconnecting with a friend from high school. (What, people have been doing this with Facebook for a decade? Yeah well I don’t have Facebook, because my online social networking savvy is on par with a cave person.)


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