bumper Cars

Today, I went to drop off my car for 10 days to have professional people fix all of the damage that had been done in the accident.

Oh, I didn’t mention that I’d had an accident?

Tee hee, how coy I’ve been. Or maybe I’ve just been trying to put it out of my mind.

I was in an accident two weeks ago. It was both incredibly dramatic and boringly mundane all at the same time.

It was awful because I lost my faith in people sticking to traffic laws. I was in a roundabout, I was the only lane, and there two cars on my right at the yield sign. Then, suddenly, one of the cars at the yield sign jumped forwards and into my way. It was like bumper cars, but in the worst way. I had the sinking feeling that I was now going to be late for the meeting that I was on my way to.

It was mundane because, well, we were going really slowly. No gigantic airbag deployments, just a lot of crumple-zoning. There was an off-duty police officer behind us, and he jumped out of the car and pointed to the other guy. “You, it’s your fault!”

But bleh. It’s sad to see my little coddled car getting all bumped up like that. I’ll be excited to get it back in better shape.


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