Today I had a recital for the step dancing class that I’ve been taking all year.

  1. There was the traffic; lots of traffic. A bike race on the Alumettiere highway shut down a stretch of it. I ended up taking the long route.
  2. There was the trip to the Galleries d’Aylmer to try and get my other step dance shoes repaired. Long story short: no repair, much frustration.
  3. There was the rehearsal, which was late because of crossed wires and a caretaker who didn’t know that he was supposed to show up.
  4. There were adorable kids in animal costumes shuffling their feet (mostly) in time to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’
  5. There was the little girl in the lion? tiger? costume who sat on my knee and told me “I’m the queen of Africa”.
  6. There was deafening noise as 45 pairs of tap shoe clad feet rumbled around on the tile floors.
  7. There was dancing. Much dancing. There was choreography and moving around the stage. Some of the dances were like well oiled machines. Some of the dances were looser and featured mistakes.
  8. There was efficiency; one song moved into another fluidly.

But above all, there was love and support from the audience full of smiling people. It was truly lovely. Can’t wait to go back next year.


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