One chapter closes

I spent a whole month doing nothing but cosplaying.

Every day, I came home from a full day of working and burst into motion. I sewed; I punched leather; I melted thermoplastic; I sanded; I mended; I shaped…

It’s exhausting writing all of those words.

Through it all, I got an appreciation for myself. That I can achieve great things when I put my mind to it.

That I can be proud of something I’ve created. (And also win awards. Those are important to me, even though I hate to admit it.)

It’s the after time, when I’m resting up for the next push. I’m excited about that, too, how I will hopefully achieve something awesome because I’ve thrown myself heart and soul into it.

All this to say, I’ve just finished four months of solid costuming. Once I’ve recovered my strength, I’m going into 4-6 months of solid writing. When I get out the other side, the goal is to have a book ready to go to an agent.

Maybe I’ll post my book blurb. That could be fun.


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