A Most Ingenious Paradox

Watching television makes me twitchy and kills my creative juices. It’s a bit like a drug. I watch some and then I want more and by the time I’ve convinced myself to stop watching TV, all I want is to stare at the ceiling and wonder why my life sucks.

This is something that I know about myself, that I’ve proven at countless opportunities, starting from when I was very small and my parents let me watch Saturday morning cartoons so that they could sleep in.

It’s something that I realized when I was somewhat older and went to my aunt and uncle’s house for Christmas, where the TV is on every hour of the day that anyone in the house is awake. They use TV like others use the radio, as a soothing background noise.

I found it like another version of hell, where I hated what was on the TV, but I couldn’t stop watching.

This is something that I know about myself, so why is it that  I routinely convince myself that the thing I need to relax after a stressful day is… just a little bit of TV?

It’s really puzzling.


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