Skype: What could go wrong?

Today, I called my sister to say happy birthday to my now-3-year-old niece.

They were so happy to hear from me, that they wanted to do a Skype call.

Great! We both hung up.

And then… the tablet that I use for Skyping was out of batteries. Even when I plugged it in, it wouldn’t turn on for 5 minutes.

And then… it had been so long since I used Skype that I forgot my user name.

And then… the password I typed wasn’t the right one.

And then… it was working. It was great! And then the tablet restarted.

And then I threw my tablet out the window. (No, I didn’t. Like a chump, I just waited for it to reboot. Argh.)

Finally, I logged in… and all of my contacts were gone.

Somehow, just as everyone was losing all hope. I received the Skype call.

So I got to wish my niece a happy (belated) birthday.


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