How to Defeat Procrastination

If I had to write a list of things about which I have given myself a hard time, there is one thing that would probably top that list: Procrastination.

(I’m going to interject on myself for just a second to say that one should never–ever, under any circumstances–make a list of the bad things about yourself. Because, really, why? Why would that be a good thing? No.)

How is it that I can be so creative about the different and varying ways to avoid doing the things that I actually want to do?

(Here is where I note that the above two paragraphs and one parenthesis were written about three hours ago, before I got bored and did other things. Moving on!)

I’m in an accountability group, and at each meeting, one person is allowed to bring forward a question. At a recent meeting, one of the members brought forth the procrastination thing: Give me strategies to stop procrastinating.

Then, person after person gave their strategies. Most people had lots of strategies, because most people have had to use a lot of different strategies. You can bribe yourself, beat yourself, cajole yourself, berate yourself and even get other people to nag you… into defeating your procrastination.

And, there’s no one way that works forever, either. You almost have to use all of your strategies in rotation, because the procrastination bug is persistent.

But you know what? The biggest realization that I got out of the discussion was that in a group of 10 people, ALL of them had to be vigilant against procrastination.

I’ll repeat. In a random sample, 10 out of 10 people surveyed stated that they procrastinate.

So at least you can put off feeling like you’re alone in all this. Maybe tomorrow.


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